Welcome to all our international IELTS Nursing Assistants!

IELTS stands for International English Language Testing System.

Congratulations to all of our new IELTs who have passed their OSCEs (objective structured clinical examinations) and are now becoming Nurses. We’d like to say a big ‘Well done!’ from SHC and we are glad to have you on board.

The team at Forest Lodge had a party to celebrate, and their IELTs shared their experiences with us…


“Sussex Healthcare as an organisation has not only been helpful towards realising my goal as a nurse but also made my dreams come true on an international level. I’m indeed one of the fortunate ones as SHC treated me with so much respect and dignity from the day of my application for the job position till date. They made the transition a seamless one. They provided shelter as well as food from the day of our arrival till date, making life easy and affordable, not to mention the free transportation. My home manager is a wonderful and supportive line manager. She is like a mother to me and directed my affairs via the right path. She held me up and encouraged me when I was at my lowest.

I passed the NMC OSCE and this was made possible by the joint effort of my employer and my line manager. Words alone cannot quantify the love and support I have received from the entire SHC family and my home manager.
Many thanks to SHC.” – Kennedy Odume


“It’s been a great time in Forest Lodge and Sussex Healthcare at large, from the reception at the airport to accommodation, the OSCE training and preparation was on point, SHC have been so supportive towards the success of my OSCE and I was able to write and pass the exam at the very first attempt!
Thanks a lot and I appreciate it.” – Oluwadunsin Musa


“Thank you for the opportunity to express my gratitude for the journey so far.

SHC has been very supportive from arrival, going through the isolation period (the hardest part), resuming work, OSCE preparations, up until now.

Working in Forest lodge has been the best part of my stay, all thanks to Lissy, she has been not just a manager, but a teacher and friend. Whenever Lissy is around, I am more than confident that the day is saved. She has made Forest lodge my home away from home and I wouldn’t have asked for a better manager. The staff here are also amazing and it gladdens my heart that we can also smile as we support those in our care.

Working with the people we support has also taught me patience, made me see life in a new light, and gives me a sense of satisfaction that I am able to support them, to live their lives the way they want.

I want to specially thank Laura, Noorin, Gemma Brooks, Danielle, Mark and the rest of the team for all their hard work and consistency. I can’t thank you all enough. I can’t forget these names because for me, the isolation period was the hardest part, and you all made it easy even without physical contact. Thank you!

In all, I have no regrets so far, I am happy to work with SHC and I hope to have along and fulfilling stay here.” – Esther Onwuka


“Thank you for giving me the job at Forest Lodge. We have good team work and a good manager. She has always guided and teaches us in a friendly manner. So I am so happy to work here.

Thank you very much.” – Anish Thomas