Sycamore Lodge

Sycamore Lodge is a purpose-built residential home for younger people with learning disabilities, neurological conditions, including Autism Spectrum Disorders. Sycamore Lodge opened in July 2012, offering provisions for up to ten people with eight en-suite rooms, plus two flats, where individuals are encouraged to be as independent as possible and expressed through their lifestyle choices.


Our philosophy is to provide a homely environment that enables each Person We Support to participate in ordinary life patterns to the best of their abilities, and at a pace that takes in to account their individual needs, strengths and aspiration. We aim for People We Support to experience real constructive outcomes, expressed through their lifestyle and to have opportunities for fulfilment, as a result of choosing to use the services we provide.

Care and Support

We aim to deliver the highest possible standards of care for the People We Support, covering all areas of need. Our assessment and support planning of all individuals at Sycamore identifies strengths, preferences, support needs and aspirations.

People We Support have the full opportunity to contribute to and influence all decisions concerning any aspect of their care, treatment and support as far as practicable. We are involved with and work in partnership with families and individuals who are acting on their behalf. This also includes choice, participation, dignity, privacy, respect and opportunity as its underpinning principles. The system covers all areas of the individual needs, for example, physical needs, mental health needs, social needs, environmental needs, and spiritual, ethnic and cultural needs, aspirations and goals.

We work in partnership with our in-house physiotherapy team, local surgery, consultants, as well as with community learning disabilities teams. They are also involved, where appropriate, in making contributions to the plan of care and support, and any other aspect of service delivery.

The support plans will be used daily by the staff team at Sycamore Lodge, thus ensuring consistency of approach and working practises that reflect each individual’s needs.

Each Person We Support will have a Key Worker(s). Key Worker responsibilities may include, monitoring individual needs are being met, supporting individuals for their involvement in planning and reviewing care plans, monitoring how aspirations and goals are being achieved, and supporting the individual to self-advocate and maximise their own potential.

Activities, Education and Life Skills

We aim to personalise the activity programme that we offer. People We Support are supported to access therapeutic activities or hobbies such as music, arts, crafts, gardening, swimming and hydrotherapy. We support each individual to develop their independent abilities in the friendly atmosphere of the home in a meaningful way. This includes opportunities for involvement in cooking, shopping, social skills, assertiveness, using public transport, personal hygiene, and handling money.

We support individuals to access formal educational activities via local colleges and local community resources. We encourage informal learning through active support, and this may include involvement in money skills, computers, reading and mobility skills, and will be identified in their care and support plans.

Staffing and Training

The staffing structure at Sycamore Lodge reflects the needs of the People We Support and will meet statutory requirements. We have a Registered Manager, Senior Support Workers and Support Workers. Staffing levels may alter dependent upon on the needs and activities of People We Support.

All staff undertake an induction programme when joining SHC. All statutory training requirements (e.g. fire safety, moving and handling, safeguarding, first aid, food hygiene, health and safety) are provided for all staff. In addition, a system of supervision and support for staff enables them to gain experience and increase their skills. Extensive in-house training is provided by the SHC Training Academy, and QCF courses are undertaken in conjunction with local colleges. SHC has its own accredited Edexcel Academy for internal and external courses.

To arrange for support at Sycamore Lodge, please call Raymund Menez on 01403 240 066 or email

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